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I will always love you, Charlotte

Sixth Grave on the Edge - Darynda Jones

Gah! This book is so fucking good I played my guitar after I finished it, basked in great satisfaction. I will read book 7 straight away after the joy ceases.




From the moment I got to know Charlotte/Charley/Charles Davidson @ Dutch, she's been on my radar ever since and also her hot guy, Reyes. Her friend, Cookie. Another friend, Garrett. Angel too. Rocket. Okay, I just can't list out all her friends here. Too many.


As usual, where most of mysteries solved, there are some are yet. I bet this series won't be getting end soon because it's just the beginning. Yes, regardless it's a Book 6 now. If this series happened to be your next new series to be read, I suggest you should start from Book 1 because you're not, you're going to have a serious headache. One heck of confusion if I must say.


Well to compare this with previous', nothing's huge impact in it except for the one big surprise which thankfully I was prepared for. To those reviews, glad for the heads-up! If it weren't for the wicked sense of humor, I think I might not survive the subject matter overload in the book.


One of my favourite scenes in the book is that has got something to do with they made love under the rain, in public, and on the bonnet of a muscle car. Emmm that's pure fantasy HA!


I'd love to write down all of my thoughts but I'm lazy. However, this review though is exactly what I felt about Sixth Grave on the Edge.