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A Brief Guide to Stephen King - Paul Simpson

I tried once to read Stephen King's book The Shining and I couldn't finished it because I had a nightmare when I was about reaching the first exciting part. After I finished A Brief Guide to Stephen King (I loved spoilers!), I tried again and read Rage in The Bachman Books. Again, I stopped reading only this time it wasn't because of nightmare but the book had me confused and I found I dislike his writing style (for both of his books I read), it gives me headache. I probably miss something big in regards of Stephen King but oh wells, just not my luck I guess.


By the way, I don't mind reading gore -- the more blood and very descriptive gruesome scenes, the better. In fact, I love it. I just don't like ghosts or evil spirits in a book. I will sure get nightmare(s) for that alone and I don't want that.