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What's with my choice of books lately?

Alex - Sawyer Bennett

DNF @ 25% - Oct. 23, 2014. 


The chronicles of my thoughts in regard of this book:-

  • 1% - Present-tense narrative. Not liking it.
  • 11% - The hero reminds me of someone who I know personally. It sounds good so far and I hope it stays that until the end.
  • 16% - "Before making my descent, I pull out my phone and check in using Facebook." Why I feel this isn't right? Ohhh I know! I hate Facebook.
  • 25%"[...] I think it's the standard uniform for engineers or something, but he's just so...tidy and put together." The. Horror. Standard uniform for engineers, really? That's double standard! My husband's an engineer and you know what he said when I told him this? He snorted and scoffed. "Clearly the author doesn't know us engineers".

I don't think I can proceed anymore. I don't like the mindset. It's unnerving.