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Simply Carnal

Simply Carnal - Kate Pearce Ah, finally another dose from House of Pleasure series. I'm so, so happy that I finally grabbed and devoured it to heart's content. I took my time enjoy the book and I'm pleased.

It's Christian's story. If you're one of HOP fans, I'm sure you've learnt about him. He's Madame Helene's son and he is very well-known for his cold-blooded character. He pushed people away from him because he's afraid of fondness. For him, that kind of emotion is somehow lethal. It could hurt worst and perhaps would bring permanent damage to one's life. He got a history before and it wasn't pleasant. He even resented his mother for one particular reason. Reason he's afraid to care and love.

Our heroine, Elizabeth Smith/Walker is Christian's lover. I didn't know what to make of her only that I think she's amazing. She's likable, beautiful, yes, and something about her attracts men and makes them wanted her so badly. She's also one hell of mysterious lady. She's really good at hiding herself in the dark. She's good in keeping secret. That practically made me crazy because I was curious about who she is. I kept expecting the expected and unexpected only in end received the another different unexpected. Honestly, it was killing me but I enjoyed the mystery. Loved it even. It made me couldn't stop turning the page and forgot the world and time.

Passion and chemistry are all over. When she's with Ambrose, I felt them. When she's with Paul, I felt them. And of course, when she's with Christian, I felt them too! Immensely and it's just awesome. I'm impressed. Not just that, people in the pleasure house fond with her. It's just wow, you know. The romance was mild. Well, it's understandable since Christian isn't a guy who shows his true feelings. Even when he said the magic word for the first time to Elizabeth, I honestly found it quite adorable. I think perhaps that's just me.

The steamy scenes was wowww. I'm well aware this book/series got: BDSM - I could handle that. M/M, M/F, F/F - I could handle that too. Anal sex - a bit gruesome but somehow I survived. Menage a trois M/M/F - perhaps because it's historical fiction somehow I managed. I don't know if I could handle reading menage a trois if it's contemporary fiction though. Anyway, I haven't tried to read one. Yet. Perhaps soon. When I'm ready.

I can't wait for Simply Voracious. Out in August. Oh, that's a long, long wait. Damn, I'm in vain. I hope the series keeps continue. I'm so not wish this series to end.