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The Darkest Seduction (Hqn)

The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter I've waited for Paris for so long and yes, I am satisfied with his story. The story was interesting and I enjoyed it. The story was slow-paced but I was fine with it as long as it held intriguing, more detailed plot.

The romance was really good although how I wished for Paris and Sienna to spend more time together rather busy with all Hunter, Cronus etc. No, I loved them. They're so sweet and adorable. With Sienna's acceptance and Paris' vulnerability. Very heart-warming and at the same time, heart-wrenching.

Anyway, the best part of all that I rated this book five solid stars is -- the death of Cronus. Honest to tell, his death was the utter most pure satisfaction and pleasure. For damned previous eight books I had to read about him. He was a very hateful person.

There are few secondary stories of lords/warriors intrigued me. William the Ever Randy, I already knew that he would never found happiness because if he found one, disaster came but then, I wonder who would be the one. Torin keeper of Disease, who would be immune to him? Are Kane and this girl (I suspected Viola) would be next in installment? So much I hate Galen but somehow I really want to read about him and his beautiful downfall, Legion (I imagined Legion's utterly beautiful, more beautiful than minor goddess of Anarchy, Anya).

And oh, I can't wait for the spin-off! Hello delicious and hot angel, Zacharel.