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Body Check

Body Check - Deirdre Martin This is my first read by Deirdre Martin. Overall, the story was fine although I wasn't really impressed with it. The romance was okay although Janna and Ty were quite giving me headache.

I liked Janna for her determination, brave, enthusiasm, loving, and caring. However, I disliked her sometimes being immature. I found it childish and she didn't behave like 30-year-old should be. As for Ty, I liked his determination and fully focus to achieve his goal. The only thing I disliked about him is that he's arrogant, ego, and stubborn.

I'm not thrilled with the unnecessary conflict and that has got to do with one of the Blades' hockey players, Lex Lubov. I liked him the moment I read about him. He seemed like a likeable, harmless, and insecure person. I didn't find him as a threat at all.

Anyway, I'll keep on with this series.