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Tangled (The Tangled Series)

Tangled (The Tangled Series) - Emma Chase 4 stars

Well, I must say that Tangled a unique book. You are superb, brilliant Ms. Chase!

My experience with it is like this: it's a book, a story and I read but it felt like the book, the story was talking to me or for more specifically, it's the main character, who did the talking. And, it was refreshing!

Way more interesting when it's from a guy's POV! I was in happy bliss because this is definitely something new. Rare too!

I loved Drew. His thoughts were so funny and made me laughed a lot. At some times he could be annoying too that I wanted to strangle him. Also at one time I felt pretty bad for him especially when it concerns Kate. To be honest, I was glad this wasn't Kate's POV or I bet it would be pretty depressing. Something about her that I didn't like. Enough said.

I am looking forward to read Book 2 and I hope it's another guy's POV. Please give me another guy's thoughts to read Ms. Chase!