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The Saint: A Highland Guard Novel

The Saint: A Highland Guard Novel - Monica McCarty 2 stars

I could place this book with its DNF brethren but I changed my mind. So, I skimmed mostly.

Frankly, the premise is disappointing! I enjoyed previous books and I loved them I set high expectation on this book only to get cruelly squashed.

The romance's terrible at most. Although I felt bad and sad for Saint but his leading lady, Helen is utterly annoying made me thinking violence.

Also my heart is torn into pieces because the author killed a character that already I formed a fondness of I wanted to cry of frustration.

Why oh why this disaster happened? How should I continue as I started to regard the series with low expectation from now on? Sigh. Sorry this book wasn't for me. One of those days anyway.

Read on your own peril.