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Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sin, #1)

Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sin, #1) - Anna Campbell 2.5 rounds up to 3 stars

South Devon Coast, England, 1826.

I'm glad I managed to finish this book although I was tempted to dnf it. The story was in snail-paced I was becoming bored by 40-70% of read. I also skimmed some of the scenes, especially the steamy ones. Too much of it is a killjoy.

The main characters are infuriating especially the heroine. At one point she was vehemently didn't want the hero, hated him, feared him but suddenly, she turned upside down and proclaimed she cared, sorry, felt bad etc for him. That turning point was pretty quick, mind you. It was within 24 hours and I was like what the fish. Also, the angst and drama were exhausting to me.

It was insta-lust and then insta-love within a week. I was wondering, considering Jonas and Sidonie are both damaged in their lives and quiet distrustful towards each other and others as well, how they could easily fall hard in love with each other merely in a week? Lust, I can understand to happen in a week but love, it's impossible. Unless you're an idiot, hopelessly romantic and/or very trusting. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Actually, there's plenty stuffs in this book bewildered me and I'd love to mention them all here but I'm lazy to do so.

Regardless the aforementioned, I liked the way Jonas loved to pepper Sidonie with kisses. Sigh. I liked the second half of the book too as things turned out interesting then. I also liked every new or rare words I found plenty in the book because it gave knowledge and challenge so I didn't just planted my face in this book but also in a dictionary. I loved the writing style too and that sole reason give me hope to continue the series and will pick the next book soon.

Read on your own peril.