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Wish You Were Dead

Wish You Were Dead - Todd Strasser 4 stars

Wow, not bad. Definitely what I wanted and expected from Wish You Were Dead, I succeeded in scaring myself shitless! Although I didn't like the beginning of the book because it focused on heroine's crush towards a new boy in school instead of the problem but that changed as the story goes. It got creepy and I liked it.

The story is brilliant because the person who's a serial killer is the least I expected. I was freaked out every time I read from the killer's perspective. Honestly, I didn't see it coming once I learnt the truth. It was quite a shock. The deaths were devastating and heartbreaking. If I were one of the affected, direct or indirect with the event, the memory probably would haunt me forever.

Since romance is included in this book, no matter even it's bits of it - frankly, it's a disaster. In my opinion, it's not necessary. This book is still a go, with or without romance, truly.

The level of gruesome and gore is medium as the target audience is young adult. Too bad it's not adult horror/thriller. Bet it would extreme and guaranteed with nightmares.

Consider this is a YA book, I decided to just cool with the way these teens think. They're annoying, dramatic, gossips here and there, crush on boys and girls, judgmental and all that attitudes associate with teens. I was once a teen, so go figure.

Just so you know if you decided to read this book and/or any book with this kind of genre, I've got a message for you: Be suspicious because every character is suspect. Hope Book 2 is as scary as this. Or more, please.