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Sophie & Carter

Sophie & Carter - Chelsea Fine This book is adorable! It was a quick reading and I finished it within a day. This book has an interesting beginning and it continues throughout the reading. That's the reason I loved it. Besides, it has two perspectives; both Sophie and Carter which makes it easier to understand both characters.

Sophie and Carter are unique best friends. Unlike so many YA books I've read, these two are different. They are acting not knowing each other but that only happens at school but when they're outside, they actually knowing each other. Not just that, they understand and care about each other. Their lives aren't that great, though, tragic indeed. Bitterness and sadness are the reasons drove these two together. Their relationship builds and eventually they fall for each other.

I want more Sophie and Carter but I'm not going to lie that I'm glad it's a stand alone book. However, I'm looking forward for more Chelsea Fine's books. Yeah, I shall keep tabs on the author.