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Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones Nerdy and juicy (laughed out loud). Damn this book is way better than the previous and utter hilarious. It's freaking awesome, really! Whilst I read on the funny part, dropped the book on my lap and laughed and shook my head, then continued.

Charley's life has been very busy with plenty of events. Mimi's disappearance, Dead Trunk Guy in Cookie's new car, somebody wants to kill her, to find and save Reyes's body and meeting loads of scary-looking demons. As usual, Charley's addiction to coffee, revealing unsolved mysteries, talk to the death, some action stunts, hilarious episodes, and quality-yet-short time with Reyes.

The best part is Gemma, Charley's sister is finally talking to her. In fact, she knows something about Charley. They're going along so well it looked wonderful and unbelievable (according to Charley). Charley's stepmother, Denise, could no longer pushing Charley away as all the family members on Charley's side. They wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that Charley's is indeed, special.

Oh, by the way. Reyes is so pissed with Charley this time and he refuses to see her. The ending is so not fair (to me)! I want more and can't wait for the next sequel. Besides, the waiting is tooooo long. February 2nd, 2012. *sighed*

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Charley: Lord of the Rings, what now?