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The Darkest Surrender

The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter Ah, another dose from LOTU series and I couldn't be happy more. This time, it's Strider and his sweet downfall, Kaia. The book was interesting and intriguing. I enjoyed this book a lot because it was hilarious with funny and snarky thoughts came from both Strider and Kaia. I found myself smiled, chuckled, and laughed a lot.

Besides, the romance was intense. I liked it a lot as with Kaia would do anything to have a man she desired and she is always hoping she get him. And holly yes, she did! Not just to have him but she has his heart too. Besides, she is one woman with determination - by showing to her mother dearest that she's not Kaia the Disappointment.

Strider's hot and possessive. I loved his blunt move to have Kaia to stick to him forever. I found it sweet, loving, and romantic. Beautiful Kaia's may not as beautiful as Bianka as I imagine but my vision on Kaia is like a Warrior Princess since she loves to fight, kill and challenge. One thing for sure, no more Harpies - please! (exception to Bianka. I love her, she's hot. Lucky Lysander.)


P.S. I'm currently reading the latest installment of LOTU series, The Darkest Seduction. I hope I like the book!