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Simply Insatiable

Simply Insatiable - Kate Pearce This book is fantastic, emotional and heart wrenching! Damn I always liked stories about a tortured soul hero with loveable and kind heroin. I couldn't believe Lord Minshom, that sick bastard, jerk suddenly became a likeable and favourite character. If you have read the previous installment of House of Pleasure (Simply Wicked, #4), you know that Lord Minshom was a hateful person. I hated him so much I was happy when Lord Anthony Sokorvsky ousted him. Who knows, it was the pasts reason he becomes a monster.

Lady Jane comes to London to reunite with Lord Minshom and she's his wife. Yes, I repeat again, Lord Minshom, that bastard, he has wife. A gentle, kind and lovely wife, indeed. She finally learns the truth about her husband and asks for forgiveness because she's truly in love with Lord Minshom. She wants him back and she determines to do anything to have his heart again. On the other hand, Lord Minshom refuses Lady Jane because he hates to face the past again.

Lord Minshom had had enough, though. I understood why he became a hateful person. It's all to do with what his father did to him when he was young, his son died in front of his eyes and his wife accused him for something he did not commit. Plus, I couldn't believe that Lord Minshom has many admirers or lovers despite he's attitude. Oh, there's a sub-story in this book which is about Robert and Captain Gray. Wow, I liked reading about them. Their relationship is full of passion and love. It was wonderful and amazing!

5-stars given because everything, the whole lot book was fascinating. I really enjoyed and loved the author's writing. I can't wait to grab for the next sequel and I hope, there'll be more of this series.