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Pleasure Unbound

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione 4½ stars

I absolutely loved stories about demons. Therefore, I sought after this series and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed.

Main characters are Eidolon and Tayla. He is a Seminus demon or incubus and a doctor. She's a demon assassin but who happened to be more than what she knew about herself. Romance between them was great. It was full of mind blowing stuff, madness, and hilarious. Eidolon is so loving and caring about Tayla although he knew she's an enemy. Besides, his affection towards his brothers and people he cared is wonderful. He makes you to love him a lot. As for Tayla, she's so tough and annoying but still likable. Her hard life had made her into ruthless and cold killer. Amazingly, she can love.

The plot was good but somehow I think there is an unresolved mystery. Somehow I miss something but unsure of what I've missed. There were gory, wicked parts. Gruesome, yes and I think I'm sick but I enjoyed them. Very scary it pumped blood to all over my body. Talk about adrenaline rush.

Looking forward to this series.