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Flat-Out Sexy

Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy It's my first read by Erin McCarthy. It's also my first fast-lane read. Well, the story was light and it was easy reading. I enjoyed the entire premise as it filled with heart-warming, tender, and love with zero stress conflict.

The book is a love story between Tamara and Elec. As I did mention before, I didn't feel any sparks of sort emotion and chemistry between them on their first met. Perhaps that was just me then but things changed as I read further. Somehow, they're just good-together couple and eventually, I felt for them and I enjoyed their passion.

Tamara is a total mess. I just didn't click with her. To be honest, I got annoyed with her at some parts. In my opinion, she's an indecisive person. One minute she said she wanted it and the next, she said she didn't want it and then she changed her mind and she wanted it again. She did that a lot and made Elec confused lot more. It's like, she played with his feelings. Poor Elec and I felt pity for him, truly.

Truth be told, I don't know what I loved about Tamara. Perhaps for her tenderness and kind to her children? And Elec too? I don't know.

And Elec, he's hot, sexy, full of warmth, kind, responsible, and decent man. He's good with kids too! He's a boyfriend/husband material. That's enough said about him.

I enjoyed second characters too. Especially Suzanne and Ryder. They're divorced but they still got something between them and whilst I read about them, I did hope the two of them be together again. Now I can't wait to read their story but before that, I need to read Book 2 first.