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Passion - Lisa Valdez I loved this book very much. It was so sweet. The couple, Passion and Mark, their romance, passion, and chemistry made me sigh a lot. Total amazing, you know. It was so heart-warming.

What about two strangers met at some place and there, desire built between them as they were exchanged glances. Suddenly, they found they were in each other's arms with overwhelming lust. Or might've small bits of love. Mark who has never experienced love from his mother, he hated and resented the feeling. Well, that changed though upon his meeting with Passion. Only he didn't known the feeling. What a tortured-soul man, indeed. Passion, she's adorable. Everything she said is so dear you just melt right away. She's capable to love and she's tender. Besides, she's always put other's priority before her and that seriously about to kill me. I was in vain.

This book is indeed worthy to be given 5 stars despite wacky, icky words at some part in the book which I tried best to ignore. Even I found heroine's name is weird and cheesy but well, whatever -- just might have simply think it's one unique, beautiful name. Mine's also weird, so...

I enjoyed the plot very much. It was so different I actually cherished it. With antagonist characters, Mark's mother, Lucinda, and her former friend/acquaintance/enemy/Charlotte's mother, Abigail, who are so infuriatingly awful and hateful person you wish they could just disappear or rot in hell.

Other characters also made appearance such as Mark's brother, Matt, Passion's cousin, Charlotte, and Passion's two sisters, Patience and Primrose. I loved Matt for his care and love towards his brother. Poor him snd really feel bad for him and one thing for sure that he's going to be one of the tortured-soul man. I disliked Charlotte for her being weak, naive, and confused but I came to love her after that as she became strong, enough to stand up for herself from her ruthless mother. She also happened to be a kind and selfless woman. Patience and Primrose, well soon going to find about them as they're in this series.

That's all about it for this premise. By the way, this is my first read by Lisa Valdez. Highly recommended to those who love erotic historical romance.

P. S. I honestly can't wait to get into Patience's story. The excerpt is kinda intriguing.