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Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis 4 stars

Mallory is a Lucky Harbor's sweetheart. People in Lucky Harbor care and love her and in return she cares and loves them too. As she always said to herself, she can't helping from being to care and love. Besides, everything about her is good. No matter how she hated being called that, she's good. She's a good person indeed. However, Mallory craves one thing - the feel to run wild, carefree, freedom and one Mr. Wrong.

To do so, she has to forget about Mr. Right. She has to seek for Mr. Wrong. She has to pass the threshold of her comfort zone. Lucky for her, Mr. Wrong landed on her effortlessly and I'm talking about Ty Garrison. Instantly, the man enters her life and things change. Ty is Yin to Mallory's Yang. The two are completely opposite to each other but nothing stops them from attracting to each other.

Ty lives temporarily at Lucky Harbor ...or so he said. He came to do something different from things he formerly do. Even after years, the tragedy haunts him still in his sleep. Hence, he didn't wish for fondness and love. He didn't wish to get comfortable with people and hence, he avoid people, avoid any contact and only hang out with his two good friends, Matt Bowers and Dr. Josh Scott, and do some work on cars.

Despite being tortured soul, experienced the worst amongst the worst, ate by loneliness, he wasn't alone though. Mallory is just like him except things happened differently for her. People always saw her good they didn't know whatever that is inside of her. Marvelously, only Ty knew her completely. She felt comfortable with him and she's being herself. That made her happy but that didn't do for Ty. Yes, of course he didn't like whatever it is between him and Mallory but Mallory is already in his life and she's inevitable.

The book is slow paced but is still light reading which I enjoyed thoroughly. It was very heart warming and at some part, heart wrenching at the same time. The romance was good and I totally fell for it as it went intense as story went by. I'm hoping, truly hope, this series keeps going because it has a wonderful place in my heart.