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Thief of Shadows

Thief of Shadows - Elizabeth Hoyt 4½ stars

I stay up late to finish this book even though I did aware that I have long journey ahead of me first thing in the morning.

I loved the book. I enjoyed the plot very much. The romance was amazing I couldn't get enough from it. Although I already knew identity of The Ghost of St. Giles from previous books, it was awesome to finally uncovered the truth about him. How I wish the revelation would be more suspense and thrill.

Winter Makepeace is a man of kind, loving, and caring but apart from that he has another self that only shown behind his mask and only at night. He is filled with rush and thrill. He seeks adventures, helps those in needs and fights for justice. Besides, he remained celibate for years until he met Isabel Beckinhall and it had been interesting for me to read about a virgin man, my first to be frank. Thank the goodness with the uniqueness since I got bored with notorious rakes, rogues, scoundrels. And however he showed affection to Isabel, it was heartwarming.

As for Isabel Beckinhall, I liked her for being witty, intelligent, selfless and giving. Not to say I was completely understood with her situation but I knew the feel of jealousy, hurt and pride ruled her. To have to live with her late husband's bastard who grew fond and fascinated with her, she's afraid to grow fondness and love with others and she's incapable to conceive - these saddened me. She's a tortured soul lady. She cried in Winter's arms about her life really broke my heart and to have the man soothed her, it was marvelous.

Winter has retired to roam St. Giles about at night, I presume, and I've got to know out there, there are plenty of the Ghosts. That is quite interesting. The series continued and I can't wait to read the next book. The released date is set on 2013 but I hope the date miraculously change and set at least the end of this year. Perhaps on Christmas?

Highly recommended.