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Hot Finish

Hot Finish - Erin McCarthy I'd been waiting for Suzanne and Ryder's story since their appearance in Flat-Out Sexy. I found them interesting. Chemistry surrounded them and I did hope the two of them would get to be together again. Well, in this book, they did! Only it wasn't that easy and yeah, their story pretty much gotten me headache.

They were great together, alright. I really liked their romance especially when they were good with each other. They were just as romantic as previous couples in two previous books and they did love each other. What a major turned off was when both of them being stupid. I have zero knowledge in marriage and divorce but I found Suzanne's reason to marry Ryder no more was irrelevant. In my opinion, it didn't make sense.

The book didn't meet my expectation and yes, I do admit that I am disappointed. I'd been waiting to read this book. I liked Suzanne's snarky talk. I liked Ryder's always being cool. They are a perfect power couple and their story should be written way better. Well, this perhaps just me.

Despite with the disappointment, I still staying with this series. I'm looking forward to read The Chase. Oh, I'm lowering my expectation for the next book. I just can't risk to lose my sports romance vibe.