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Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a Scot  - Maya Banks Re-read: Aug 12-13, 2014. 5+ stars
I'm so loving this awesome masterpiece written by Maya Banks that I will re-read it over and over and over again and it'll never bore me. Of all Maya Banks', this book will always be in my heart and my soul, and will always be my favourite and forever.

I wonder when will Maya Banks to be back to write more medievals/historicals because I love them more than I love her contemporaries! TBH, I'm currently suffering from this series' withdrawal. The latest book in the series is to be released next year (2015) goodness help me it's driving me insane!!!

Ms. Banks, gimme already! Have mercy.


1st read: Oct 8-9, 2012. 5+ stars

This book is awesome, alright. The story was amazing. I enjoyed it so much I couldn't stop turning pages and stayed up late until I wasn't aware I dozed off.

Graeme and Eveline is one sweet couple. Graeme is fierce warrior but he treated Eveline with tender. He cares for her and his love to her is so strong he cares naught to the feud he has for Eveline's father. I admired his wisdom too. He never react onto things he haven't had think over and further investigation. And Eveline, she is so nice, sweet and kind. She's an angel. Very loving and caring. Besides, she's witty and very special. I, especially, loved their first meeting. It was one of beautiful moments I've ever read.

Highly recommended.

P. S. Ms. Banks, thanks for this. I thought I'd never read your highlander series anymore after the McCabes.