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On the Way to the Wedding

On the Way to the Wedding - Julia Quinn 4 stars

The saddest thing is this book is the finale of Bridgertons series.

Another fascinating story written by Ms. Quinn. The moment Hyacinth mentioned Gregory has the heart of gold, I knew he would be different from his older brothers. He is so hopelessly romantic and he fell in love twice. One with unrequited love and he was slightly damaged when he could never have her. One with requited love and he severely damaged if he couldn't have her.

Okay, it killed (metaphorically speaking) me when he was after Hermione who didn't even pay him attention but he didn't realize there was some sort of energy between him and Lucy. I felt terribly bad for Lucy. If I were her, my thoughts would be like this, "Now you can't have her and finally you know I'm here, exist and breathing." Sounds childish, I know but I hate being the second.

It killed me more when she had to marry another man prior to the blackmail after all the love confession, passion, romance and fuss. It would be utterly cruel if Gregory lost Lucy. Nonetheless, it's a happily ever after series so of course he got her to be his wife, lover, partner, a friend and mother to his ten-minus-one children.


- Final words -

You see, of all characters I actually miss Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings, the most. He's the first character I got to know in this series. There is no single mention of him or his involvement as the series goes, I miss him terribly.

Dear Bridgertons, you are a great family. I miss you and I will always be.