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Perfection - R.L. Mathewson 3 stars

Oh dear, I didn't anticipate this book as much as I did with the previous book. I also found myself skipping - that, came from me is a not-really-good sign.

I liked reading about Trevor. His obsession with food is funny but I found it ridiculous though. He's crazy about food and surprisingly he could maintain his hot body. I don't know about real guys though. If there are some just like Trevow, wow - I salute.

I liked Zoe because she's just like any other ordinary women - nice, kind, beautiful in her own way, and curvy. The only thing I really got pissed with her is her insecurity. Her way of diet was seriously scary. She lived on vegs and water. If it were me, I don't know if I survive. She brushed off Trevor's saying she's beautiful. At which, she should be joy at that because well, when a hot man said you're beautiful and he meant it, you should feel sunny.

Oh, and way too long for epilogue. Perhaps that's just me. But still, I can't for the next book in this series.

Read on your peril.