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Thrown by a Curve

Thrown by a Curve  - Jaci Burton 3 stars

Play by Play series is one of my guilty pleasures and Of all sports romance I read, I loved this series most. Bonus with those hottie hunkies. Hence, I am still sticking around. I liked previous books and Thrown by a Curve not that bad either but I'm hoping for the upcoming few installments in the future, I'd find the one or more that I really love and rate it 5/5+ stars.

Admittedly, the chemistry between Garrett and Alicia is powerful. Well that happened after they found out they liked each other. I truly loved their banters. They were enjoy to read, funny and made me laugh sometimes. Their conversations were interesting too and it wasn't entirely put off as I couldn't stop turning the pages.

Too bad it wasn't awesome on romance part though. Too much of lust even though the moments were hot but if the romance was to put up more, it might be interesting to read.

Read the excerpt for the next book. I am not sure if I'm liking it because I felt no any sort of chemistry happening between the next couple. However, I will read it, not going to put on high hope and the next will be my favourite sport, car racing.

Read on your own peril.