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The Pirate Next Door

The Pirate Next Door  - Jennifer Ashley 3 stars

I picked this because I needed pirate romance. It has been a while since my last read on Scandalous Desires.

Romance between former-pirate-now-viscount Grayson Finley or Lord Stoke and Mrs. Alexandra Alistair, a widow was pretty quick. She was his next door neighbor and he instantly fell in love with her upon her rescue when his life was at stake. He fell in love with her still throughout the book and he being passionate with her but only his big problem was he didn't tell her his true feelings and that made Alexandra confuse.

By the way, the lady was on husband hunting and Finley was one of them in her list of suitors. One thing I found really funny - in one day, she got more than one man swooned over her, confessed his love and wish to marry her. From what I read, yes she's likable but I didn't feel she's really that superb likable.

Besides romance, action part was there too. It was merely revolved on vengeance, hatred, battle, and lastly, the truth finally revealed. My best favourite part was the battle between three pirate ships; the Argonaut, Majesty and Bunchard's ship. It wasn't exactly fight scence like the Flying Dutchman and the Pearl in Pirates of Caribbean but well, it felt like it to me.

Read on your own peril.

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