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The Proposal

The Proposal - Katie Ashley 3 stars

I liked the beginning. It was really interesting as it sparked my curiosity so it got me further. Then, things turned out to even more, more interesting with Emma being so stubborn, Aidan was trying his hardest I felt bad for him and there is a Bollywood hottie I want him. Terribly so.

Further I went I got more annoyed with Emma because she punished Aidan too much I screamed, "Just forgive him already!" but well, on second thoughts, I'd be as stubborn as Emma too, if I were in her situation. That hottie Pesh was on my radar, I love him more than I love Aidan I felt so wrong!

Some while, Emma decided she's for Aidan. Things were good then but why oh why I didn't feel the glorious return of love between Aidan and Emma. Steamy part was good and didn't really care about that but it was feelings from both hearts I was seeking for. It didn't feel bombastic like when the two were in The Proposition. I was expecting something super explosive feelings of passion since it felt like it at the beginning.

To be honest, I did some skimming at happily ever after moments. I hated I did it but I had to as I didn't enjoy it much as I want to. I wanted more, something from them that could make me swoon. One of favourite parts is where Aidan held his son because from my imagination, the view was quite beautiful for someone who was commitment phobic before.

Anyway, I am so sad because there'll be no more Aidan and Emma. They're sweet couple to read. I love them. I heard Pesh has his own story which I am looking forward to it. I hope it'll be good.

Read on your own peril.