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Tidal - Emily Snow 5+ stars

I had quite interesting read since last two days ago and it got me hook until I finished with it. And, I am doomed. Got me close to shed tears. Even though I am unlikely to read a book with one POV, monologue but I think I liked it in this one. I liked Willow. I could handle her thoughts. I found myself connected to her and she's one of my favourite heroines that is not annoying and depressing to read.

Willow's life was really messed up. She was trying her best to stay out of trouble. She wanted to turn into a new leaf and she sought after peace. Yes, she got them all but the process wasn't that easy. She, too, was afraid to jump into a new relationship and she was lucky to have Cooper because he wouldn't hurt her, would always be there for her and he loved her. In the end, she managed fine with most of them although there was one thing she couldn't have completely. And it torn my heart when I read it.

The storyline was heartwarming and at the same time, it was heartwrenching. Love and hope are consisted in this book from the beginning until the end of the story. I loved this book, truly. What a wonderful book. It is a must read, guys.

Highly recommended.