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Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage  - Jennifer Ashley 5 stars

The story is about a married couple who still love each other but they lived separately because of the bitter past. As even now, they still do love each other and this time they wish to fix whatever it is between them. To forgive, to give another chance and to love wholly once again.

The romance, oh kill me! It is so intense. Exactly what I was looking for after feeling a little bit void with previous ones. It's a relief this one has it. Happy! Chemistry is all over. Mac and Isabella love each other. Passion between them is so interesting. Oh I did swoon, I can't help myself. So hot.

There was a sneak peek about Mac and Isabella in previous book. My curiosity got me to read about them and oh my how I loved the story! Mac was wrecked before and things turned bad when a tragedy hit both Mac and Isabella. It was even worst when Isabella decided to leave. When I read one part where he told Isabella how he was fare when she was gone, it was heartbreaking! Even though at the present, she's in front of him all the time but couldn't have her and it was so, so sad that he ached for her.

I love Isabella, okay but she is so stubborn, so hard to break she drove me mad myself. I was exasperating and hoping why couldn't she just forgive Mac so all be happy plus me. However, if I were in her shoes, I am sure I'd do exactly what she did. One can't stop from being bitter and angry after what had happened. A situation one could handle but a tragedy? I am sure it will be hard thing to cope. The amazing thing about this woman is she is so kind and nice. She cares about others. In real life, she's one in a million. Perhaps, may or may not exist or just about to extinct. Yeah.

The mystery part held its own interest but I felt it lacked of something. To be honest, without it the book would be fine as Mac and Isabella's love life's quiet tough sort to handle. But then, without the mystery, the story wouldn't spice up and it'd be boring. It's predictable story but I loved to stay for the joy of the drama and it's Scots men, they're hottie. I envy with those ladies. Beth and Isabella. And now Ainsley is on her way to her happiness with Cameron Mackenzie. The two had encounters before but I didn't know much. Just a brief sneak peek. So, next book it is!

Highly recommended if you love historical romance with highlander hunks!