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Duke of Midnight

Duke of Midnight  - Elizabeth Hoyt 3 stars

London, England., 1740.

What changed? In case you didn't notice, I've had an on-and-off relationship with this book since its released. It was in DNF box for half of the year! However, I decided to un-DNF it and picked it and promised myself I would read and finish it no matter what and guess what, I did! *pat meself*

The main characters. Both main characters didn't give a good impression at the beginning and I happened to feel detached with both of them. Hence, the mighty reason why I decided dump it in the first place. That changed though after I forced myself to endure a few more chapters and slowly, I started to at least like them. I liked Artemis no nonsense attitude and she's being carefree. I hated Maximus back then when he made his first appearance in previous book I forgot which one but now I learnt that behind his ice exterior, he has warmth and love in him after all.

The romance. It was dull at first. I just didn't see the chemistry sparks. The process to love side so boring I had my phone (luckily not my tablet) planted on face because I fell asleep and quite a few times, much to my displeasure. That changed after they started fooling around with each other and things got sweet and sizzling afterward. Cheesy too, if I must say.

The plot. Lots of thrilling combat scenes, that I refused to complain and in fact, I enjoyed it immensely. However, I did not like the ending at all. No, it's not the romance. It's the culprit's happily never after didn't reach to my satisfaction!

Pet peeve. I have one. Diana. Who? It's Artemis. One and the same person. Maximus called her that. It's like a form of endearment like darling, sweetheart, honey etc. A term, to be exact, as it means "Diana" is associated to the goddess of the moon. To Maximus, Artemis is his goddess of the moon or simply put, his Diana. You see, during their passion, he called her that a lot, rarely her given name so I got fed up and annoyed and I ended up thinking why didn't the author just named the heroine Diana instead?

Last but not least. Am I glad I changed my mind? Yes because I enjoyed the romance although it didn't start of as nice and then the action pack and mystery are mayhap the reasons I stayed hooked. Besides, I followed and love(d) this series for so long I just can't to have one of its books being put down for good, I would feel bad for doing so and not forget to mention the curiosity would eat me alive if I didn't pick it sooner!

Anyway, too bad Duke of Midnight is my least favourite in the series so far. I hope there won't be the next and instead, hoping the series continues to strive. Dear Ms. Hoyt, can you write a prince as the next Ghost? I'd love to read a royal gone rogue, more scandalous!

Read on your own peril.


UPDATED. Aug 9, 2014.
I decided to un-abandoned this book because I'm just so CURIOUS.

DNF @ 13%. Jan 7, 2014


This is an honest review. You've been warned.

This is a shocker to me! I enjoyed previous books in the series but not this book.

1. I felt not connected with lead characters.
2. I was bored for the entire reading until I decided to stop for good.
3. The interaction between lead characters was dull, uninteresting and no chemistry sparks.

This book may not for me but I will continue with the series if there's next installment. Still love Elizabeth Hoyt to the core!

Read on your own peril.