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Wait for You

Wait for You  - J. Lynn 5 stars

I have a confession to make. Two months ago, I did actually pick this book and read it. But after I finished with Chapter One, I hesitated to go on. Why? Because Avery ran away, after her brief but gave huge impact in her life, with Cam. I have this problem. I always prefer to read strong, brave, and kickass woman and Avery gave me the first impression that she isn’t/wasn’t one. Ergo, I put down the book and decided to forget about it.

Until a few days ago, I read one of Goodreads friend’s statuses on the book and that had me on second thought. I picked it again, took a deep long breath and braced myself, ready to face the worst. After I’d gone a few chapters, I practically banged my head on the wall, angry with myself because seriously, I WAS AN IDIOT!

Wait For You is sooo surprisingly awesome! I loved the story. I loved the main characters, Avery and Cam, because they are different from other couple I’ve read. I loved other minor characters as well. You see what is so amazing about them? They all made me laugh out loud. There are plenty of funny moments in this book that I enjoyed like crazy. Nothing is so amazing than a really good book that can’t stop you from bursting to laugh. These people, they sounded so real. Also there are a few scenes that reminded me of something and I hated that when that happened.

I actually liked reading Avery’s thoughts although sometimes, I wanted to strangle her. I felt bad for Cam all the time because when it comes to Avery, he struggled hard. I truly admired his patience and a guy like him doesn’t exist. But if there is one, whoever got him, that girl is so lucky I’m dying with jealousy here. The angst part was a true mood killer to me. Don’t worry for the angst wasn’t that heavy but I was in vast of contentment and enjoyment and suddenly, the unpleasant ruined it.

Anyway, the romance was sizzling. I liked how Avery and Cam took things smooth and slow. And they make a great couple. I loved them.

Highly recommended.