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Their Virgin Captive

Their Virgin Captive - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake 2 stars

This is an honest review. You've been warned.

Oh whatever mambang (evil spirit/ghost in Malay) please stop this reading damnation because this is second book I've tried to read written by Shayla Black because I needed that erotic-read dose so badly and yet it didn't move pass from likable.

What I liked
Despite second bro Slade and half-bro Dex dropped L-bomb whenever it concerns Hannah, I quite liked the attraction going-ons between Gavin and Hannah. Only if Slade and Dex were out of picture or instead of brothers, the two were strangers to fit the menage theme, Gavin and Hannah would be a perfect couple alright!

Steamy scenes were hot though. No can deny that.

What I disliked
Hannah has weak bone in her. It wasn't appealing to me if I were a man.

Three brothers share Hannah and they do permanent thing and that means they all married to Hannah.


I didn't know if it happened out there in real world but seriously, is that possible? I mean, how to love three men at the same time? In case of physical relationship I understand how it goes but in case of emotionally? No clue. But on second thought, this is fiction. So... no reason to make my head hurts to think the possibility of it.

Menage with all of them are strangers, I know the deal but menage that has brothers in it? Incest alert. Just... euw!

And here I thought the stalker thing would make things hyped up but sadly it didn't. Overall? I am downright disappointed. And that two stars? They are solely for parts that I liked and I, being nice.

Read on your own peril.