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Born in Chains

Born in Chains  - Caris Roane 3 stars

This book is the most wounded book I've ever read in paranormal romance. Never I've encountered reading hero and heroine who are both damaged souls. Like, seriously utterly damned tortured souls.

What I liked
Connection between Adrien and Lily. They are perfect together. Besides, I liked Adrien because he has soft spot although he's uber lethal. I liked Lily too because she's a strong-willed and very passionate woman.

I liked the new set of vampire-human world in this book. Although it isn't much different from any other vampire story, it was interesting to learn about it.

A lot of fight in this book and it was thrilling experience. The mystery was intriguing to discover!

What I disliked
The timeline didn't make sense to me because so many things happened in this book and it took only within three nights. I get that vampires are all about speed or altered flight in this case but still.

Instant love. They professed love to each other after three nights of knowing each other. Hmmmmm

I was so angry how the things ended. After all the fuss that happened for almost in the entire book, it got unsatisfactory ending!


Anyway, I will continue with this series because this book has so many unanswered puzzles that I'm looking forward to find out in next installments.

Read on your own peril.