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Bear Naked (Midnight Liaisons,, #3.5)

Bear Naked (Midnight Liaisons,, #3.5) - Jessica Sims 4 stars

Leif + Nikolina (were-bears)

It's too bad it's a short story because the premise has potential. If you read the series from the beginning, Nikolina was Ramsey's former betrothed before Ramsey was exiled from were-bear clan.

Nikolina was going into heat. This heat thing stuff is cracking me a lot. She's not mated, has no mate, Ramsey's exiled years ago, the elders of were-bear clan are forcing her into some sort of arranged marriage, and she found out her true potential mate (Leif) has left the clan and on runaway somewhere.

The rest, it's predictable. Leif and Nikolina's interactions were pretty cute. Those were-bear elders are pretty mean and most of them with medieval mindset, body stuck in modern times.

Loved the book cover, so pretty. Recommended if you like quick read and shifters.