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Fury of Fire

Fury of Fire  - Coreene Callahan DNF @ 30% - June 1, 2014

This is an honest and highly subjective review, proceed with caution. You have been warned.

My pet peeves in Fury of Fire

* Heroine was terribly ridiculous. I honestly can't understand her. She was the one who said the sight of the dragon-shifters scared her shitless and vowed to not trust BUT when the man came at her without warning, planted his lips on her throat and purred, and she got turned on and loved it! Lady, if I were you, no matter how dangerously hot he is, I would never let a stranger coming and touching me. Instead, he'd be dead ON MY FEET. That's what sane woman would do.

* It's the lesser kind of dragons. Does it hurt when I said that? If so, I'm sorry. The thing is I'm not. Why? Dragon is an awesome creature, dangerous, scary, lethal and they heal faster. As far as I know about dragonkind, nothing can kill them except they kill each other. No small things can harm them either. They will survive. To have learnt that dragons here could go blind because UV rays and dragonkind didn't mix, I was greatly upset. Even Khaleesi's dragons fly in the day, in hot fucking desert. Donna Grant's dragons used to soar the sky in daylight, too! Thea Harrison's dragons have no problems with daylight too!


People out there who are thinking or considering to write dragon-shifter, do not you dare to downgrade the dragon's awesome standard. Please continue to make me stay believe that dragons are immortal, awesome, scary, enormous, gorgeous, dangerous, and they only can be killed with reasons make sense because if it's otherwise, I'm going to review condemn you. If you already did, just pray I won't ever find your book.

Read on your own peril.