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Midnight Alias

Midnight Alias - Elle Kennedy 4 stars

To be honest, I don’t know to how to review Midnight Alias but I’ll try! The story was captivating and engaging. It was such a page-turner I couldn’t stop but at some point I had to stop because I needed my beauty sleep or I’d been a zombie at work.

I enjoyed the main characters. In fact, I felt more connected with them compared to main characters in previous book. The hero is just flawless, both personality and physical. That perhaps came out biased from me, for that I apologise. I think I maybe irritated a bit with his jealousy because I don’t like a guy who’s easily jealous. Other than that, nope. He’s a perfect book boyfriend/husband material.

Heroine is just flawless as well except I hated it when she gets stubborn. She got stubborn a lot, all right and it was infuriating at times! Anyway, I liked her just fine. It’s too bad she’s just a civilian. She’s not entirely spineless because she can kill (in defense) but in my category of heroines, I place her in category damsel in distress.

I wasn’t particularly focused on their romance though, too much absorbed in the thrill and mystery. Yet, the romance was nice and sweet.

The action scenes though, it was awesome! It was thrilling and exciting and it made you want more of it. Like right now, my hands are itch to grab the Book 3 but I can’t because hands are tied at the moment — soon, though. SOON. Overall, the premise was amazing.

Dear author, I’m dying to read Derek’s story and so please write it as soon as possible. If you’re currently writing it, please write faster. Oh, and Liam Macgregor too if you please. I’m asking a lot, I know. Anyway Ms. Kennedy, you just grant yourself a fan!

Main Characters: Luke + Olivia