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Beauty and the Barbarian

Beauty and the Barbarian - Amy Jarecki 2 stars

To me, Beauty and the Barbarian is my least favourite in the series. Merrin's being a creep in the beginning of the book was a total killjoy. I adored people of Raasay before until they shunned Merrin just because them being superstitious. Seriously, any superstitious crap related is a bull. There's another killjoy scene I wish I never read. Hint: something between Ian and his previous lover. The romance between Ian and Merrin was rather dull. I was bored up to 60% of reading and the remaining of it was torturous. Also, I hated that Ian's dad's already dead in this book - really, I just read the man's story a few days ago. My heart breaks.

Read on your own peril.