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Return of the Highland Laird

Return of the Highland Laird - Amy Jarecki 3.5 rounds up to 4 stars

Scotland, 1587

What happened after I finished it? I knew at bottom of the page says it's 100% of sort but still I slid my forefinger on my iPad screen, to turn the page, in case there's an epilogue or something because the story's too short and I still want more! What a bummmer, seriously.

I happened to like this book after previous book flunked. Everything's fine in Return of the Highland Laird -- the main characters, the romance, their interactions, their conversations, their banters, the plot, and the action scenes!

Too bad though it's too short because there's so many unanswered questions and things just ended like that. Honestly, I am quite disappointed. If by means this book is to be short, at least do include the epilogue so there's a closure and doesn't feel it ends abruptly.

However, on second thought, the book's a novella. Of course, it's a short story, eh? Too bad.

Read on your own peril.

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