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Blood on My Hands

Blood on My Hands - Todd Strasser 2 stars

This is an honest and highly subjective review, proceed with caution. You have been warned.

One thing in this book that had my interest is the plot - Who/why killed the victim, the mystery and the suspense. That was why I stuck, stayed and finished it. I could've DNF this book because the rest of the story though... was shite.

Let's rant. Woot woot!

Especially the main character. Reading those flashbacks were excruciating because there, you learnt about the heroine and she was the most stupidest person I've ever read, seriously. Why I said that? She was pathetically desperate to be accepted into a group of mean, rich, popular girls. Think Mean Girls. She willed to do almost anything when 'the leader' asked or said so. One of them is she dumped her boyfriend, whom she loved the most, so she wouldn't get kicked out from the circle. Later, she regretted her decision only after she was accused of something she didn't do.

Rolled my eyes a lot. Ugh.

To young girls out there who struggling with high school or college pressure,

For the love of all that's holy and unholy, just be yourself! There's no need for you to become the low of the lowest or somebody else etc just because you want to be accepted by people. One thing you have to remember is you can't please anyone, anybody. Your happiness is your own doing. Not someone else.

When I was in high school, I didn't give rat's arse to them popular kids. Didn't even feel intimidated by their popularity and I always gave this 'back off or sorry' vibe whenever I came to school HAHA. As they left me alone, didn't mess with me, I was content back then. Managed to be myself, got happy and only stressed out about nosey teachers, homework and exams.

If you happened stuck in Mean Girls, run my dear. Just run.

Read on your own peril.