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Beyond Coincidence

Beyond Coincidence - Jacquie Underdown 2.5 round-ups to 3 stars

Let's start with the very thing that intrigued me to read and managed to stay until the end of this book, it's the blurb. Beyond Coincidence is one of the unique books I've ever encountered because I've never read anything alike. You can see a ghost and it asked you for help so that it can move on in later life. Interesting, isn't it?

The romance wasn't bad. It was nice it didn't start as instant love but attraction. Admittedly, the instant attraction fast track to love started a little bit after that. The sparks was there but mild development of romance.

Sadly enough though, apart from what I mentioned above, the rest of the book didn't manage to capture my interest. I did put this book down several times. Sometimes, I was thinking to just simply put it aside and never going to continue reading it again. I managed, though. I wanted to know what happened. The inconsistency of the side stories that dimmed the excitement, had me disappointed and bored.

Read on your own peril.

e-ARC provided by Escape Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.