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Claws & Effect

Claws & Effect - Jessica Sims 3 stars

Ellis (were-cougar) + Lily (human turned were-cougar)

It was a quick read and it focused mostly on heroine's thoughts. Thoughts filled with petrified and traumatized at first after the previous ugly encounter. Well, if I were her, I'd be her as well. Who not, seriously.

She was fine afterwards but maintained on guard and also started to develop feelings to her captor/saviour without knowing herself. Instant attraction and love, of course since it's novella. Oh, Ellis is a nice, gentle and caring guy I want him for myself. Overall, Claws and Effect was a good read.

As to answer the author's question in From the Author about whether I want more of Midnight Liaisons? The answer is... HELL YEAH MORE PLEASE and DON'T STOP. Give me were-dragons this time, if you please Ms. Sims!

Read on your own peril.