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My Darling Caroline

My Darling Caroline - Adele Ashworth One of the best books I’ve ever read! Brilliant plot and brilliant writing indeed.

Updated 25/10/2011

This book has made a list to be one of my favourite books! So overall, the story is lovely and darling indeed. Caroline is a kind and gentle woman regardless of her dream to become renowned botanist. I loved her especially when she teaches her deaf daughter to learn sign language, her presence makes Brent and her sister finally fond with each other again after years in resentment, and her love towards Brent and their daughter, she determines to leave her dream rather than leaving her beloved ones. As for Brent, I loved him because he’s mesmerized and intrigued with Caroline’s intelligence. He trusts her with his financial and defends her when her brother-in-laws insult her cleverness.

Best of all is Caroline’s sister. Without her and slight co-operation from their father, Caroline wouldn’t meet and love Brent. It is perfect because everything’s finally made sense at the end of the book!