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Frigid - J Lynn 3 stars

Before read. Best friends-turn-boyfriend-girlfriend. Should be interesting. Besides, I loved Wait For You.

Oh dear I was wrong. Thank goodness I didn't put on high expectation on this. I did hesitate to read this book, I couldn't help myself from worrying.

Sydney. I disliked Sydney. Her thoughts, gosh... they made me crazy, they ARE crazy. For someone who is in 20s and in college, she doesn't act like one. She claimed she has been in love with Kyler for a long time but during the beginning of the book, all I read was she lusted over him. It felt weird to me.

Kyler. He's a player but he is a kind can undone any female on earth. Especially when he becomes a man that all about caring, tender, gentle, nice and loving. I complaint nothing about him except that he's a fool for keeping himself and Syd in the dark for too damn long.

Second characters. Had glimpses of Andrea and I think I will have a problem with her in the future... if she gets her own book but I hope not because I hate handling crazy thoughts again. Tanner, he is something. That one clue, one paragraph left hanging in the book got me curious and I seriously hope he has his own book so I could get to know him more.

The plot. It was just okay. Despite mystery and thrill in this book, they failed to hike up more of my interest. I was close to stop and leave this book, pile it up with the rest of my DNFs but I stayed on because I hoped it would be good in the end. It was good, indeed. Too bad it wasn't good enough for me to add another start.

Read on your own peril.