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Darkest Flame (Dark Kings)

Darkest Flame (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant 3 stars

Kellan (Dragon King of Bronze, Keeper of the Dreagan History) + Denae (human, former MI5)

SPOILER ALERT. This is an honest and highly subjective review, proceed with caution. You have been warned.

If you read my previous status updates about this book, you know that I was having a hard time.

What I disliked.
Some of the characters' names. If only the author provided how-to-pronounce the ones with difficult names and spellings, it would be an utmost welcome!

Two. Felt no chemistry between main characters. It was rather dull romance, boring intimate moments. Felt forced most like it. In fact, I skipped most of it. I just didn't bother. I rather indulged reading the action scenes.

Three. I didn't impress the way things ended. It makes me question more about it. Too many unanswered questions. As intense as the battle should be, I felt it was too easy at which ended saying, "What? That's it?" You see, something's definitely missing and I hated it.

Four. Too many introduced characters I forgotten most of them. I forgot what dragon of which character and what are the colour of their dragons too. The none-dragon too.

Five. Stop with the repeating of Dragon Kings' history for the love of @#$%!

Six. Kellan is hot, yes. But he's annoying. 'nuff said.

What I liked.
The female lead is a kickass one. She's deadly, can take care of herself, she's resilient, and she's one not expecting from something or someone.

Two. I liked this Rhi character. She's funny and fiesty. And she's evil for teasing readers with her secret. I wonder why she kept it a secret. Guess have to wait until she has her own book.

Three. Pretty cover.

Four. It's dragon-shifter, something new to me because I got bored with vamps, werecats, werewolves.

Five. Combat scenes.


Am I going to continue this series?
Yes. I've got no choice as Dark Kings is by far the best dragon-shifter I've ever read unless some of you out there recommend to me dragon-shifter book with guaranteed the satisfaction exceeds this one, I'll be happy to read it and say nice things about it or spite.

Read on your own peril.