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The Iron Knight

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Aaaaa...finally the series ended with this book and I'm so, so SAD! This book is fantastic with brilliant, great plot. No, everything is great. Gosh, this is awesome!

I had this book for a while but didn't want to read it because I was afraid I might get disappointed. And so, I left it, buried somewhere in my bookshelf. I was glad I read it then because I enjoyed it immensely even though reading Ash's POV's kind of weird -- perhaps I was used to read Meghan's.

Read this, it made me miss Meghan so much. Although in the first three books, some parts of her making me annoyed with her but I really do miss her. As for now with Meghan is the Iron Queen, she's different. She's more mature and powerful. Besides, I've missed Meghan and Ash moments because when these two together, it's beautiful! I even miss Meghan, Ash and Puck moments. With Puck, everything's crazy and joy.

In this book, it's all about our handsome Winter Prince, Ash. In previous book, he was banished from Iron realm but he vowed to return to Meghan. He would do anything to be by her side because he loves her. Wow. To want something, must gain it and to have it, the challenge is really tough. It wasn't easy and Ash had pretty hard time earning his soul. The greatest challenge of all is he himself. It's all matter of choice. One choice can change one's path and future and thus, Ash had thought it over really, really careful because it was one-time shot.

Throughout the journey, there is some part that I didn't see it coming. What happened? Ariella happened. At first, I was furious about her appearance in the book. However, as the story went, I got fond with her. All the sacrifices she made, oh dear -- it was heart-wrenching! On the final blow, with she did it was... argh I was so sad. Terribly.

Besides that, you'll learn about Ash's past and all. You wouldn't like it, trust me. You'll get disappointed with things he did. At some moment, I did hate him but then, I couldn't help to love him at the same time. Anyway, that was past. He no longer that soulless Prince now.

And Puck, oh I love Puck too. He's one of the truest friends. He had rows with Ash but still he insisted to accompany Ash. He stuck with Ash until the end. Refused to leave Ash alone and helped him along the adventure. They hate each other but nothing will change the fact that they're best friends and have missed each other. I awed.

And Grimalkin? Well, Grimalkin's always Grimalkin. Annoying little cait sith, always being an ass but never fail making me laugh whenever reading about him.

Again, it's too bad this series ends here but it's a good thing too. Reading series can be tiring. I heard there's spin-off? Can't wait for it. Ms Kagawa now has vampire series coming soon, oh yeah definitely gonna grab for it!