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The Lonely Hearts Club

The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg I really love this book! It's about a girl who's named after one of the Beatles' song, Penny Lane. Her parents are those who really crazy about the Beatles. She's too, love the Beatles and their songs are meant everything to her. She has a childhood friend, Nate, whom she hoped to be with him forever and he's everything to her. Only that dude, hurts her feeling and that's how this Lonely Hearts Club is formed which also the reference name of the Beatles.

This club is amazing. Not just with its rule to forbid girls to date any guy within their high school year but there's so much more. The girlfriends supporting each other. They'll help each other to be a better person and doing something new that's fun and building self-confidence too! Although those amazing things keep happening in this club but there's also unpleasant events too with the principal is opposed about this club which I'm glad with Penny's parents (they're utterly awesome!) stand up for Penny and her club, guys in the high school got upset because they couldn't date those girls who join the club and lots of rumors and gossips too.

I love Penny. She's a strong woman and friendship is everything to her apart from Beatles. I'm happy for her to finally get on Ryan when that guy tries really hard to get her. That guy, he's nice too and his feelings on Penny are sincere which I'm glad. I was afraid and worried when Ryan shows his interest on Penny. As Penny says, she doesn't want to get hurt twice and I also don't want that to happen but then, they're good. A very good one, indeed. :)