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Simply Sinful

Simply Sinful - Kate Pearce This book is much better than the previous. Perhaps I didn't enjoy Valentin's hot-temper regardless that he is a beautiful man but Peter Howard, he is something. I loved and enjoyed every bits of this book. I started to like Peter for the very beginning his character being introduced. He's a man meant to be loved, to be desired and to be wanted. He is someone that makes you wanted him. He actually can make you wanted him.

In this book, there's James and Abigail. The Beechams. Though this book tells me that Peter is more interested in Abigail but I felt no chemistry, no such fireworks between them and that is so frustrating. Unlike Peter and Sara (in book 1), chemistry is there. And James, I don't know what to say about this man. Let's just say that he likes brutal and he's different. I tried to conclude what he is to Peter or otherwise but I just can't find the perfect word. Alright, that's all.