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The Perfect Play

The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton Before I say anything about the book, let's say something about the cover. Eyes widened when I looked at that cover. It's so, so HOT! Dramatic effect now, *fan-self*. Okay, enough.

This is my first read written by Jaci Burton.

The reading was okay. Well, really not that bad but just gotten bored with repetition on one particular thing anyway. Found myself skip some of it too. Yeah, I hate things repeat over and over again.

The characters are good. I liked the romance between Mick and Tara. The chemistry's just there. And Mick, wow... he's hot, sexy, handsome, witty and funny. Who wouldn't want a guy that has such qualities? I would. I want. I liked Tara. She's different and real, as Mick put in. I felt really bad for her for things that happened to her but she's tough. Other than that, just plain and normal.

I think that's all I can I conclude from my reading. I really do hope I stumble AGAIN into great reading of sports romance like Line of Scrimmage and Any Man of Mine.