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First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones Charlotte or Charley (I actually loved Charlotte than Charley, why spoiled a beautiful name, really?) is a private investigator and a grim reaper. In this book, she has two different cases she needed to solve. One, the death of three lawyers and other subsequent case to it. Two, to save Reyes from death.

What I liked about this book? Charlotte (I'll forever refuse to call her Charley) is a grim reaper and she can see dead people. It sounded gruesome and scary but for me, it sounded awesome and cool. She's funny, her sense of humour is an admirable trait. She even named her body parts, that's just utter hilarious! She cares about people and dead people, another brownie point given to her. Amazing chemistry between her and her hot, gorgeous lover, Reyes, is so thrilling and exciting. Too bad that the hot guy is evil, far worst and beyond evil than vampires. Hint: This has something to do with the Underworld. Go figure.

What I disliked about this book? I'm having fatigue reading this book. The story's dragging so long from beginning to the middle and turning fast at the end. Besides, I hate being left wondering and floating the mystery for long, especially with the revelation of Reyes which is at the end of the book.

Still, it's good to read! I hope the next book is more exciting than this one.