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Simply Shameless

Simply Shameless - Kate Pearce What a remarkable book this one is! Ergo, five stars are given to this book. I agreed with others who had read this book that the story is so, so great and it's the best too! Much better than the previous two books.

I liked the beginning of this book where Helene and Philip met for the first time. The instant spark of love happened between them. Although the event was short, it was so romantic and filled with so much love. I awed. However, these two separated. When two were meant together, they would meet someday. Thus, it's called FATE. After 18 years, Philip and Helene met again. The fact that these two were tortured souls and realized they still do love each other. Again, I awed.

There's no third party involvement (even if there is, the significance is rather low) in this book which makes me to love it even more.