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Shadow Kiss

Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead I was not so fond with this book like the previous one and yet it is still good reading.

Here are parts I like. Although Rose and Christian have never going along that well but I loved the duo's banter. I enjoyed them and these two are hell badasses. I liked a scene when both of them together fighting the Strigoi. It's so awesome and yeah, I go for Moroi fighting along with guardians instead of coward behind them. Yeah, screw Queen Tatiana. There's one scene that is super cool awesome shit. It's during Rose's field experience. When she fights Dimitri's a "Strigoi". I could imagine Rose and Dimitri's moves fighting each other and wow, I was impressed and awed. Besides, Eddie - Mason's best friend - he's good too. No, he's great indeed. I liked him because he's strong and dedicated. I liked his appearances this time. The cabin scene is great. Thank goodness Rose and Dimitri finally admitted their feelings. If it wasn't because of that, I would rate this book 3-stars.

Here are parts I dislike. Let's start with Adrian. I liked his character in the previous book and why oh why he's unlikeable in this book. I wanted more from him because he's hot, good-looking and his affection towards Rose is so intriguing. The Mason thing - how I wish Rose figures about what he wants faster so it wouldn't got dragged. Christian's jealousy. I found it unnecessary. Lissa is a bit selfish at the end of the book. She learnt about Rose in love with Dimitri and she is supposed to support Rose to find him instead of making Rose to choose. That is just plain unfair in friendship because all this time Rose is always supporting Lissa. Oh, and by the way - the they come first thing, it bothers me and I hated it.